“Madeleine is a deep well of knowledge and an indispensable resource when it comes to the vast and complex MIA aviation scene. Her decades of firsthand experience with both Latin and European carriers makes her one of Miami’s truly global citizens. I worked side by side with Madeleine when, as volunteers, we strove to grow a local association of airline finance and marketing professionals into a nationwide undertaking. Madeleine’s resolute guidance and professional wherewithal proved key to succeeding in Miami. ”

-Allen Muten, Principal at firma M


“Without Madeleine’s knowledge, great product management, marketing and training skills, ability, perseverance and determination Air Berlin in Miami would not be the same. She has been instrumental in many avenues of the airline marketing business.She is always there when needed, and her patience,organizational and management skills are unchallengeable. Whoever gets Madeleine on their team is a sure winner.”

-Stephanie Eschenbacher-Tellez, Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist at Publicis Touchpoint Solutions


“Madeleine works hard to make deals that are beneficial to both parties. She is a wonderful representative of Air Berlin and has helped grow its awareness with the readers of Global Traveler.”

-Francis X. Gallagher, CEO of Global Traveler Magazine and TrazeeTravel.com